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4 Ways Cloud-Based Network Monitoring Is Used to Ensure Service Delivery

Posted by John Olson on Jul 12, 2016 10:43:32 AM
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Network monitoring is an important part of ensuring service delivery and reliability in any business. The benefits of a cloud based system make it easier than ever to implement a solid network monitoring solution in very little time and with minimal up front costs.

There are a number of advanced features that provide valuable insight into the stability and performance of your infrastructure and devices.

  1. Baselining - The best way to measure changes in your network and device performance is to have a baseline recording of all components of your system at their optimal configurations. Typically this baseline is taken when the network is originally configured because every device in the network is being physically set to its desired configuration at this point. However, even a new monitoring solution being implemented on an existing network can make use of a baseline measurement.4_Ways_Cloud-Based_Network_Monitoring_Is_Used_to_Ensure_Service_Delivery.jpg
  1. Device Monitoring - The most convenient aspect of cloud based network monitoring is that it can continually check and recheck your devices for issues. This is where the baseline performance measurement comes in handy. Devices that are performing differently than their baseline may need attention from your IT team. Frequent device monitoring allows you to catch errors in your devices before they disrupt service delivery.

  2. Event Collection and Alerts - Cloud based monitoring systems take note of any major disruptions in service or unexpected changes in performance. The most advanced monitoring systems not only capture and report these events, but also classify them according to the type of error that occurred and send an alert to your IT staff specifically directing them to the problem.

  3. Root Cause Analysis - Even after a problem has been identified, the road to recovery is not always easy. In some cases, troubleshooting a faulty device or piece of your network is a monstrous task. The more advanced systems are now able to provide detailed root cause analysis which takes all of the available data and puts it together to determine why there was a problem. If you are also utilizing predictive analysis software, your network monitoring report may also be able to tell you other possible points of failure based on past trends and current conditions. Staying ahead of the problem improves service delivery all around.

Cloud based network monitoring gives you the ability to greatly enhance your service delivery and reliability.

The best network monitoring solutions are not only reactive to issues within the system, but also proactive when it comes to preventing system failures by letting you know when there are minor changes or even a possibility of service interruption in the future. This allows you to find effective solutions with minimal time spent locating and troubleshooting.

As your IT team becomes more efficient, your network up-time will improve as well.

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