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5 Signs It's Time to Run a Cisco PSIRT Vulnerability Audit

Posted by John Olson on May 4, 2016 7:30:00 AM
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When it comes to a vulnerability check, many security teams are unsure of when and how often they should be auditing their devices. Fortunately, Cisco has conveniently included the PSIRT audit as part of their platform so users can easily compare recent notifications to their own inventory database and get a report of any affected devices in the network within minutes. Here are some of the signs that it's time to do just that:

  1. You've Already Experienced A Vulnerability5_Signs_Its_Time_to_Run_a_Cisco_PSIRT_Vulnerability_Audit.jpg 

    The PSIRT system relies heavily on users out in the field who experience problems with a service or device and report it immediately to Cisco's response team. They are able to evaluate threats to their devices and notify their customers of any concerns. If you have recently come across a vulnerability in your own network, take the time to run an audit and see if other people have had a similar experience or if it has yet to be reported. The sooner the issue gets reported, the sooner Cisco can issue a solution to protect you in the future. 

  2. You Have Received a Notification from Cisco

    On the back of other users who have reported problems, Cisco's PSIRT team will notify affected customers of a threat that has been discovered and provide short term suggestions until a permanent fix can be found. Running a Cisco PSIRT Vulnerability audit will help you determine how many devices in your network are affected. Your response will be dependent on the total number of devices at risk. 

  3. There Have Been Recent Data Breaches

    Unfortunately, sometimes the media finds out about threats before anyone else. If there has been a recent surge in the number of attacks in your industry, you may want to double check your network just in case. A quick Cisco PSIRT Vulnerability audit can get you up to date if you have missed an official communications from Cisco or if you thought that you were not at risk. After all, there is absolutely no harm in checking.

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  4. You Have Received a Configuration Alert

    Depending on the parameters of your NCCM software, your IT and security teams should be receiving notifications any time a configuration change is made to a device. Even a small change could expose your network to unnecessary risks. The Cisco PSIRT Vulnerability audit is able to identify not just devices at risk, but specific configurations and settings that are prone to attacks. Whether it is an approved configuration change or an unauthorized change, the implications could be far reaching. 

  5. You Are Adding or Changing Equipment

    Similar to configuration changes, any equipment that is being physically replaced or added will have an impact on the way the whole network is protected. Each new device represents a potential point of failure until it is checked for vulnerabilities and correctly configured. After a major expansion in the network it is prudent to run your Cisco PSIRT Vulnerability audit and ensure that none of your devices have been negatively impacted by the change. 

Cisco's PSIRT Vulnerability audit is a feature that adds personalized reporting to your security support. By working with your existing database of devices, it will give you a concise summary of all known weaknesses in your network and isolate devices that need to be addressed promptly. Cisco also encourages customers to conduct regular audits by sending out notifications directly to customers any time an issue is found. The best practice is to watch for warning signs and make sure that changes in your network are adequately tested for security before they go live. 

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