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6 Must Read Blogs on Network Management

Posted by John Olson on Oct 19, 2016 10:15:42 AM
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Networking is a difficult task, and managing those networks even more so. As it turns out, though, many net-workers are eager to share their experiences with the world, in any fashion they can. Blogging, it so happens, is an easy way for them to do just that.

There are tons of networking blogs that you can follow, allowing you to read the thoughts of others when it comes to technology, their mishaps and helpful advice. The only problem is figuring out where to start, so we’ve decided to help you out and put together a list of the top six blogs that you should be following.6_Must_Read_Blogs_on_Network_Management.png

  1. EtherealMind – When you’re looking at networking blogs, EtherealMind is the place to start. Penned by Greg Ferro, this blog is one of the top of the top in knowing what’s what in networking and technology. Greg was the first of the networking bloggers, and is known for his weekly Podcasts. His sense of humor will leave you refreshed while also more knowledgeable from his extensive amount of practical experience.

  2. ipSpace.net – Created by Ivan Pepelnjak, this blog has a massive fan base to go along with a veritable sea of posts, articles and books on his site. Ivan writes almost constantly, it seems, in a very detail oriented way that leaves nothing to the imagination. Focusing on large-scale data-centers, this blog is helpful for the intrepid network manager, and Ivan has the resume to back it up, as he is the chief technology advisor at NIL Da Communication. If you’re looking for candid and yet completely in-depth conversations about networking and technology, this is the blog for you.

  3. Wirednot – If you’re managing a wireless network, than perhaps you should pay attention to this blog. Lee Badman, the network engineer and wireless technical lead at Syra University, keeps his fan base interested with all the latest news and experiences involving WLAN. With 10 years in the US Air Force as an Electronic Warfare systems technician, Lee has some stories to tell, that’s for certain.

  4. howfunky.com – Telling it like it is, Ed Horley’s blog is a great one to follow. While Ed himself says that his blog is filled with “useless technical content”, it is, in fact, a wonderland of networking genius. Focusing mostly on IPv6 and related topics, Ed’s blog is a fantastic place to lose yourself. As a repeated presenter at Interop, he knows how to tell a tale.

  5. Interop Blog – If you’re talking about networking, than you can’t forget about the Interop Blog. Written by Andrew Conry-Murray, director of content and community at Interop, this blog is filled to the brim with information on everything IT related. Speakers from Interop also contribute to the blog, allowing for fresh views and interactive discussions on topics relating to any networking topic you can imagine. This blog will also inform you of any Interop conference news and planning if you’re wanting to know about it.

  6. Ethan Banks on Networking – Ethan Banks is a well known speaker and writer, with a blog that must be read to be believed. Writing about everything from SDN to his opinions on the value of CC certification, Ethan is bound to have at least one topic that you may be interested in. Being the senior network architect at Carenection, he has the background to back up his blog with fact and experience in the networking field.

These six blogs are only the beginning.

There are hundreds of other networking blogs contained within the world-wide-web, some worth reading and others not so much.

Be sure to check any information found on the blogs for correctness before trying anything yourself, of course, but the six mentioned above come from credible sources.

Find a blog you enjoy and follow them. It’s worth it.

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