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End user experience testing made easier with NMSaaS

Posted by Mark Hughes on May 14, 2015 4:40:00 PM
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End user experience

End user experience & QoS are consistently ranked at the top of priorities for Network Management teams today. According to research over 60% of companies today say that VoIP is present in a significant amount of their networks, this is the same case with streaming media within the organization. 


end user testing


As you can see having effective end user experience testing is vital to any business. If you have a service model, whether you’re an actual service provider like a 3rd party or you’re a corporation where your IT acts as a service provider you have a certain goal. This goal is to provide assured applications/services to your customers at the highest standard possible.


The success of your business is based upon your ability to deliver effective end user experience. How many times have you been working with a business and have been told to wait because the businesses computers systems were "slow". It is something which we all have become frustrared with in the past.


end user testing


To ensure that your organization can provide effective and successful end user experience you need to be able to proactivly test your live environmnet and be alerted to issues in real time.


This is comprised of 5 key elements:

1) Must be able to test from end-to-end

2) Point to Point or Meshed testing

3) Real traffic and “live” test, not just “ping” and trace route

4) Must be able to simulate the live environments

> Class of service
> Number of simultaneous tests
> Codecs
> Synthetic login/query

5) Must be cost effective and easy to deploy. 


NMSaaS is able to provide all of these service at a cost effective price.


If this is something you might be interested in, or if you would like to find more about our services and solutions - why not start a free 30 day trial today?


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