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How Cloud-Based Network Monitoring is Improving the Lives of Network Managers

Posted by John Olson on Jun 22, 2016 10:30:00 AM
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Cloud-based network management solutions are becoming more popular by the day. They have made it possible for businesses of all sizes to adopt high-end network management strategies and protocols that were often unavailable at a cost-friendly rate in the past. They have also simplified some of the internal processes and responsibilities of network administrators on a day to day basis. 

Here are some of the top ways that network managers benefit from a cloud-based network monitoring program today.


There is a never ending struggle between network managers and their employers when it comes to budget constraints. New hardware and software can cost companies thousands of dollars a year, and many companies fail to understand the exact value or return on investment when it comes to their network security and performance. 

Small and mid-sized businesses especially struggle with the price tag of most in-house network monitoring systems and often end up buying lower performing versions of the software with fewer features to save money. Cloud-based options make it possible for these businesses to get all of the high-end features at a much lower price point because the system is housed elsewhere and shares resources with other third party users. 

Ease of Use

The rollout of any network monitoring system requires lengthy periods of installation, testing, and troubleshooting to ensure everything is working properly. Many companies get bogged down during this process and end up frustrated with their end result because their network managers had to rush through things to get them back up and running. 

Cloud-based network monitoring is much simpler to implement. It has already been tested extensively at its core, and other than a quick software installation, it doesn't require network administrators to make any other major changes to the system. Once each device is plugged into the cloud-based system, the third party provider will gather data and send reports all on their own. 


Scalability is really a combination of budget and functionality concerns. If network managers are already struggling to get approval to implement a network monitoring program, it will be even harder if the program is not flexible when it comes time for the company to expand. 

Cloud-based systems are completely fluid in this regard and allow companies to grow at their own rate without having to make another large investment in infrastructure at each new milestone. In addition, cloud-based systems make it possible for companies to quickly add or subtract features from their monitoring package based on their needs at the time, so they always have access to high-end functions if needed. Network managers can spend far less time planning and proposing solutions, and spend more time focused on the devices and equipment currently on hand. 

There is no shortage of cloud-based network monitoring options on the market. As providers of SaaS monitoring packages continue to grow, companies of all sizes can expect to see higher reliability and even more advanced data coming from their monitoring programs. Network managers will be able to take advantage of this new powerful tool to help them get a better handle on their home network without having to worry about budgetary and functional constraints based on the size of their current network setup.

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