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The Top 3 Reasons Why Network Discovery is Critical to IT Success

Posted by Mark Hughes on Jul 23, 2015 10:52:43 AM
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Network discovery is the process of identifying devices attached to a network. It Network_Discoveryestablishes the current state and health of your IT infrastructure.

It’s essential for every business due to the fact that without the visibility into your entire environment you can’t successfully accomplish even the basics of network management tasks. 

When looking into why Network Discovery is critical to IT success there are three key factors to take into consideration.


1. Discovering the Current State & Health of the Infrastructure.

Understanding the current state and health of the network infrastructure is a fundamental requirement in any infrastructure management environment. What you cannot see you cannot manage, or even understand, so it is vital for infrastructure stability to have a tool that can constantly discover the state and health of the components in operation.


2. Manage & Control the Infrastructure Environment

Once you know what you have its very easy to compile an accurate inventory of the following:

- The environment’s components provide the ability to track hardware.

- To manage end-of-life and end‑of‑support.

- The hardware threshold management (i.e. Swap-Out device before failure)

- To effectively manage the estates operating systems and patch management.


3. Automate Deployment

Corporation’s today place a lot of emphasis on automation therefore, it is very important that when choosing a Network Discovery tool to operate your infrastructure environment, it can integrate seamlessly with your CRM system. Having a consistent view of the infrastructure inventory and services will allow repeatable and consistent deployment of hardware and configuration in order to automate service fulfillment and deployment.


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