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Think about Network Device Backup & Compliance Policy Checking system

Posted by Mark Hughes on Jan 20, 2015 3:24:00 PM
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One of the most underrated and most vital pieces to any organization no matter the 

cloudcomputing_501x276_0size of the business is network device backup.

The reason why you should have a backup device solution in place is as follows:


 1)    Quick reestablishment of device configs.

2)    Reduced downtime due to failed devices.

3)    Disaster recovery and business continuity.

4)    Network compliance.

These are all key components to the success of your organization.

Another aspect which should not be ignored is Policy checking. A policy checking system uses an advanced “Snippet” based rules engine, with advanced regular expression based rules and filters to quickly create policies that range from the simple, to the very complex. 

These rules can be based on simple text ‘strings’ to finding items present or missing in configuration files; powerful configuration snippets with ‘section’ matching and ‘regular expression’ searching; or advanced scripting languages, (i.e. XML, Perl).CLICK TO WATCH THE WEBINAR

Our CTO John Olson will educate you on why organizations are turning to NMSaaS to capture their network device configurations and then use that information to run detailed compliance checks. 

In this technical webinar he will show you how to leverage the power of the NMSaaS Configuration and Change (NCCM) Module to both protect and report on your critical network device configurations. 

Examples of automated functions include: 

1) Backup the running configuration of devices. 
2) Compare older configurations to the current one. 
3) Restore configurations from previous backups. 
4) Use logging to watch for device changes and then automatically backup the new configuration. 
5) Run Policy checks against those stored configurations for compliance audits. 

If you can’t make the webinar no problem at all, why not have a one on one technical discussion with John Olson himself.

live demo

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