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Top 3 reasons to choose a SaaS Network Management application

Posted by Mark Hughes on Dec 30, 2014 7:25:00 AM
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Top 3 reasons to choose a SaaS Network Management application 

For small and medium sized organization deciding to use a SaaS based Network Management application they will have the ability to use better solutions that would have been too expensive for them to in the past. Saas_Network_Management

Even the smallest business now has access to very advanced CRM, ERP, manufacturing and other software that would never have been available to them at their small scale. 

In the world that NMSaaS plays in, this means mid-sized companies can now monitor and manage their IT systems with the same advanced software that was previously only available and affordable for large global enterprises.

The ability to gain these advantages without having to purchase expensive software is what makes cloud based network monitoring so appealing to mid-sized enterprises.

If an Enterprise decides to use a SaaS Network Management solution of any kind they’re going to see immediate benefits from three prime areas.

  1. Reduced costs

  2. Speed

  3. Flexibility

Reduced Cost

In the network monitoring space, many traditional Network Management applications require a hefty upfront fee for their software, and then an equally if not more expensive fee for professional services to actually make the system operate and integrate with other platforms.  On the contrary, most cloud based systems are sold as yearly or less. SaaS models don’t need to pay for server hardware, storage or electricity associated with running a solution in house.


One of the biggest advantages of cloud based systems is that they are already running.  The front end, backend and associated applications are already installed.  As a user all you have to do is raise your hand and say you want it and in most cases your service can be provisioned in a matter of hours or less.


Cloud based system are generally much more flexible in terms of deployment, usage, terms, and even support compared to “legacy” software deployments! According to a survey by North Bridge Venture Partners, in conjunction with GigaOM Research “More than half of respondents cited business agility 54.5% as a main driver” of cloud migration.Clearly businesses are seeing flexibility as a major reason to move to the cloud and we do not see any end to this trend in sight.

In the end, all organizations are looking for ways to trim unnecessary costs and increase capabilities. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this today is to switch to cloud based SaaS applications where it makes sense. 

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