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4 Reasons Cloud Based Network Monitoring is Perfect for Growing Companies

Posted by John Olson on Jul 7, 2016 11:36:11 AM
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When your company is going through a period of growth, making major changes to your network is the last thing you want to do.

However, cloud based network monitoring systems provide a greater level of control and ease of management than on-premise monitoring, and allow you more flexibility during your growth.

Here are four reasons you should switch to cloud based monitoring now:4_Reasons_Cloud_Based_Network_Monitoring_is_Perfect_for_Growing_Companies.jpg

  1. Immediacy - One of the most impressive parts of the latest cloud based network monitoring systems is how quickly they can be implemented.

    If you are currently experiencing growing pains as your company expands, a cloud based system can be put into place almost overnight and can be up and running without the time lag that traditional on-premise systems once caused.

  2. Flexibility - Since all of the major infrastructure is now housed off-site at your cloud based service provider's hub, it is easier than ever before to add on to your network whenever necessary. A quick call to your provider should give you everything you need to know about device compatibility and setting up new devices/locations/networks on the monitoring platform without having to plan for any additional hardware on your end, or reconfiguring other devices to coexist.

  3. Cost - No matter how big your business currently is or how much growth you are experiencing, cutting costs is always a safe bet.

    Cloud based systems require significantly less investment on your part up front, and the price of ongoing network management is typically level month over month. Even if you add a new device here or there, your cloud subscription probably won't see any unexpected increases.

  4. Stress Free - While you are taking on more and more business, you definitely do not want to be wrestling with an unruly IT system that requires constant maintenance and updates. Removing this element by using a cloud based network monitoring application will save you a lot of headaches and allow you to spend more time focusing on the tasks and projects that matter.

Before your company gets in over its head with network issues, seeking out effective solutions first is the way to go.

Cloud based systems provide a nearly instantaneous way to manage networks without the costs of building out a larger IT team and/or expanding your NMS platform.

In addition, the cloud offers more flexibility when it comes time to add new devices and expand your offices over time without forcing you to revamp your entire system.

With cloud based network monitoring your IT team will get detailed and concise reports about anything that needs to be addressed so that issues can be resolved quickly without major crises.

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