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Voip Quality Test and End User Experience is a Necessity

Posted by Mark Hughes on Feb 19, 2015 8:48:00 PM
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Virtually all organizations today carry some level of Voice and video traffic on their datavoip1111 network.  However, even though this technology has been available for over a decade, network engineers are still struggling to understand, predict and control how well this multimedia traffic will behave over their network.  

Network engineers to this day are still struggling to understand, predict and monitor how well application traffic will behave over their network, especially to remote offices or users.

What network engineers need is a tool that can help them initially plan for new locations and links as well as an on-going monitoring solution which can alert them to QoS degradation as it is happening so they can get ahead of the issue before their users start complaining.

Luckily this tool now exists and it’s called ANT’S which stand for active network tester. The ANT has numerous capabilities which include: 

1) It can discover, monitor and manage devices like FW's, Switches and Servers at the remote site for a minimal cost.

2) It can also perform active VoIP quality test and Video tests across the user WAN or across the Internet to one of the 9 global NMSaaS test points.

3) It could also be used to collect syslogs and traps for fault monitoring.

4) The ANT can collect Netflow at the remote location for even further traffic analysis.

If  you would like to find out more about these capabilities you can schedule a live one on one discussion where our CTO John Olson, Director of Technical Services, will give an in depth overview of this capability. The NMSaaS NCCM Module is part of the industry's first cloud-based highly scalable Network Management Solution.  For the first time, organizations like yours can have best-of-breed network management delivered as a cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) Solution.

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